Bear Paw District

The Bear Paw District Serves Mat-Su Valley to Valdez. 

Districts are led by a group of volunteers and supported by a full time paid staff member called a District Executive. Districts help volunteers who work with kids provide the best program possible.

The District Committee works like a Pack or Troop Committee. The District is led by a District Chairman, Committees help carry out the mission of Scouting though Advancement, Camping, Communication, Fund Raising, Membership Growth, Service and Training.

The District also has a group of volunteers called Commissioners. In Scouting a Commissioner is a mentor, someone who helps other Scouting Leaders be successful in their role.

District Committee Meeting

District Meeting is for the members of the District Committee, Chartered Organizational Representatives, Unit Committee Chairman and interested Citizens. During this meeting plans are made and progress discussed on how to move the mission of Scouting forward.

District Roundtable

Roundtable is for adult leaders who work directly with youth to get ideas and ongoing education on how to run a great Scouting program. 


Bear Paw District Updates

Bear Paw District Charter Renewal Progress Update

Join Nights by School 2017 for the Bear Paw District

Bear Paw Friends of Scouting 2017 Tracking Sheet

Bear Paw Camping Report 2017


Upcoming Events 

These events are not hyper-linked. You will need to go to the calendar date listed and look for more information.

2017 Calendar

District Committee Meeting, November 2

Super Saturday, November 4

Roundtable, November 9

Popcorn Distribution, November 10

LDS Little Philmont, November 10 – 11

Annual Auction, November 18

Scout Office Closed, November 23 -24

Commissioner Orientation, December 2

District Committee Meeting, December 7

Roundtable, December 14

Office Closed, December 25 to January 1

2018 Calendar

District Committee Meeting, January 4

Roundtable, January 11

Popcorn Top 100 Party, January 13

Office Closed for Martin Luther King Day, January 15

OA Lodge Leadership Development 2018, January 19-20

OA Lodge Banquet, January 20

District Officer Workshop and Council Calendaring, January 27

District Committee Meeting, February 1

Roundtable, February 8

Super Saturday, February 10

Southcentral Freezoree, February 16-18

Council Annual Recognition Dinner, February 17

District Pinewood Derby, February 23

District Meeting, March 1

Roundtable, March 8

Spring Break, March 12-16

OA Spring Fellowship, March 23-25

College of Commissioner Science, March 24

District Committee Meeting, April 5

Roundtable, April 12

Scouting for Food Collection, April 14 - Tentative

District Pinewood Derby, April 14

District Committee Meeting, May 3

Spring Camporee, May 4-6

Roundtable, May 10

Gorsuch Hard Hat Day, May 12

OA Ordeal at Denali High Adventure Base, May 18-20

Scout O Rama, May 19 - Tentative


Unit of the Year Awards and other reference material

File Name Description
2016 Unit Advancement Report.pdf Download
Top Unit Award for Crews Download
Top Unit Award for Packs Download
Top Unit Award for Troops Download