Cub Scout Team

The Cub Scout Team Serves all Cub Scout Packs from Homer to Talkeetna and includes packs in Western Alaska, Kodiak, and Cordova. 

Team are led by a group of volunteers and supported by a full time paid staff member called a District Executive. Teams help volunteers who work with kids provide the best program possible.

The Team Committee works like a Pack or Troop Committee. The Team is led by a Team Chairman, Committees help carry out the mission of Scouting though Advancement, Camping, Communication, Fund Raising, Membership Growth, Service and Training.

The Team also has a group of volunteers called Commissioners. In Scouting a Commissioner is a mentor, someone who helps other Scouting Leaders be successful in their role.

Team Committee Meeting (Second Wednesday of Each Month)

Team Meeting is for the members of the Team Committee, Chartered Organizational Representatives, Unit Committee Chairman and interested Citizens. During this meeting plans are made and progress discussed on how to move the mission of Scouting forward.

Team Roundtable - (No Roundtables currently planned TBD)

Roundtable is for adult leaders who work directly with youth to get ideas and ongoing education on how to run a great Scouting program. 


Cub Scout Charter Renewal Chart