Denali Cub Scout Packs

Community Cub Scout Packs

Pack 11 Rabbit Creek Church

Meet 3rd Wednesday at 6:30pm

Trevor Snyder (

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Pack 99 VFW Post 9981

Meet Wednesday at 6:30pm at Oceanview Elementary

Committee Chair  Marci Errico (907) 345-6168

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Pack 101 Change Point

Meet Mandays at 6:30pm

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Pack 102 Bayshore Owner's Association

Meet First Wednesday at 6:30pm

Jessica Michau 317-3995

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Pack 103 Chugach Parents For Scouting

Committee Chair Meghan Cornelison (907) 952-9741

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Pack 104 St.Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish

Committee Chair Joel Everard (907) 764-9921

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Pack 111 Bear Valley Community School

Meet Wednesdays at 6:30pm at Bear Valley Elementary

Cubmaster Ben Nordstrom 907-360-4423

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Pack 122 Girdwood Lions Club

No in Operation if you would like to help restart the unit contact Brad Lewis 717-405-2336


Pack 123 St. Johns United Methodist Church

Meet Thursdays at 6:30

Greg Dunlap 970-640-7978

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Pack 125 Faith Christian Church

Committee Chair Glen Wardle (907) 360-0351

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Pack 129

District Executive Brad Lewis 717-405-2336

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Pack 170 Turnigan Methodist Church

Meet first Tuesday of month at Turnigan Elementary

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Pack 205 VFW Post #9981

Meet Fridays at 6:30pm Kassun or Abbott Loop Elementary

Committee Chair Brenda Tye (907) 720-4187

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Pack 212 Trinity Presbyterian Church

Cubmaster Brent McFadden (405) 834-7638

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LDS Anchorage Stake Cub Scouts

Pack 140 Huffman Ward

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Pack 186 Sand Lake Ward

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Pack 187 Jewel Lake Ward

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Pack 265 Klatt Ward

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Pack 266 Brayton Ward

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Pack 267 O'Malley Ward

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Pack 286 Rabbit Creek Ward

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Pack 907 Oceanview Ward

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Elementary Schools and their Packs

Abbott Loop Elementary - 205

Alaska State School for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Aquarian Charter School Pack 170

Avail School

Bayshore Elementary - Pack 102

Bear Valley Elementary -  Pack 111

Bowman Elementary- Pack 212

Campbell Elementary- Pack 101

Chinook Elementary- Pack 129

Chugach Extension Correspondence- Pack 103

Chugach Optional Elementary- Pack 103

Continuation School

Crossroads School

Denali Elementary- Pack 103

Family Partnership Charter School

Frontier Charter School

Gladys Wood Elementary

Government Hill Elementary

Huffman Elementary- Pack 212

Inlet View Elementary

Kasuun Elementary- Pack 205

Kincaid Elementary-

Klatt Elementary-Pack 99

Lake Hood Elementary- Pack 125

North Star Elementary

Northern Lights ABC K-8 School- Pack 205

Northwood Elementary- Pack 125

Ocean View Elementary- Pack 99

O'Malley Elementary- Pack 123

Polaris K-12 School

Rabbit Creek Elementary- Pack 11

Rilke Schule Charter School- Pack 123

Sand Lake Elementary- Pack 126

Spring Hill Elementary- Pack 123

Taku Elementary- Pack 101

Trailside Elementary- Pack 123

Turnagain Elementary- Pack 170

Willow Crest Elementary- Pack 125

Winterberry School

Girdwood School- Pack 122