Fall Recruitment 2020

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Fall Recruitment 2020

Is your Unit ready to bring new youth into your fold? This webpage is here as a resource to help you be prepared for this Back to School.   

Steps to Be Prepared

  1. Set up your units Be A Scout Pin ASAP!
  2. Does your Unit have a Place to Meet this Fall?
    • Triple check your access to in-person meeting spaces due to COVID 19.
      • Meet in Person in small groups, or Meet Digitally
      • Just meet Responsibly.  
  3. Does your unit have a Facebook Page?
    • Yes please post any events like joining events there
    • No please create a Facebook Page and create a joining event 
    • All joining events add the council as a co-host we will be paying money to advertise your joining events!
  4. Fill in the requested information on this page under the Fall Recruitment Tracking Sheet
  5. Download the Fall 2020 Playbook,
    • this guide is your one-stop-shop for more information on how to be successful this fall.  
  6.  Please Update the Council on you units Joining Nights

Ideas to try for this Fall

How to do a Drive Through Joining Night   

Virtual Den Meetings resources 

Update your Be A Scout Pin, get entered in for prizes

how to build your rocket

September Roundtable


File Name Description
Adventure Bingo 2020 Play Bingo and be entered into our weekly drawing every Friday starting September 4th and going through November 6th 2020 Download
Be A Scout Pin Mangment How to set up your units be a Scout Pin Download
Cub Scouts: how to meet Download
Just Recruit One Invite your peers to Scouting, receive fun rewards. Download
New Family Packet All the information your family needs to know to have a successful first time in Scouting. Download
Peer to Peer Cards Have your youth invite their friends, family, and all other interested youth to join your unit. Download
Unit Play Book 2020 Unit Leader guide to Fall Recruitment Download