Internet Advancement

Internet Advancement is an online program that reports and records Scout advancement directly into the Great Alaska Council, Boy Scouts of America's membeship database.

Every Pack, Troop, Team and Crew should identify one person to do the advancement data entry using the online Internet Advancement system. The program will only allow one user and password per unit. Accounts can be re-set by contacting the Great Alaska Council Office.

To create a new User Account contact the Great Alaska Council and ask for your Unit ID. The Unit ID will allow you to create as User ID and Password.

Once you enter the data and submit it, it will be recorded in the Council's database. Remember to print the forms and take them/email them to the Scout Office to purchase awards.

Internet Advancment can be accessed directly or by going to Legacy Tools at

Internet Advancment - only available for use by Explorer Posts.

Internet Advancment 2.0 - replaced Internet Advancement for Traditional Units.  Also used to enter Service Hours, Hiking and Camping.

Scoutbook is now FREE for all Scouts and Scouting units.  It is highly recommended to begin using Scoutbook vice any other advancment program.  Scoutbook user guides are available at: