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Conclave 2018!
Registration is open! It’s time to let everyone arrowmen you know that it’s that time of year again where we all register for Conclave. September 14-16 at Cmap Thunderbird in Washington State! To read all about Conclave go to http://sectionw1n.org/conclave/ and go to this site to register. Are you going to Step Right Up at Conclave?

JTE Announcement!
This past week the lodge submitted to the National Order of the Arrow Office our 2018 recharter and JTE packet for 2017. Assuming all paperwork is processed correctly, We are proud to close the year with JTE Silver for 2017. 

Re-charter and Dues time!
It is that time of year again to re-charter for the new year! Like the Council, in order to remain a memebr of the Order of the Arrow lodge one must renew their dues annually. It is easy to remember and do during the BSA re-charter time for the new year. You can easily renew your dues for 2018 here!