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2019 Gorsuch Induction Weekend October 18-19!   
The last of our induction weekends in Southcentral Alaska to welcome in new arrowmen to our program! Staff and those who were called out at the camporee should register today at OA Ordeal - Gorsuch.  We look forward to welcoming our new Arrowmen!

2019 Fall Fellowship Weekend October 25-27!   
The Lodge Fall Fellowship is our last major event of the year where you will experience fun, fellowship.  Saturday night will also be the Annual Business meeting where we will elected our lodge officers for the coming year!  We hope you are able to join us for one final hoorah! Register today at 2019 OA Fall Fellowship.

JTE Announcement!
This past week the lodge submitted to the National Order of the Arrow Office our 2019 recharter and JTE packet for 2018. Assuming all paperwork is processed correctly, We are proud to close the year back on top with JTE Gold for 2018.

Re-charter and Dues time!
It is that time of year again to re-charter for the new year! Like the Council, in order to remain a memebr of the Order of the Arrow lodge one must renew their dues annually. It is easy to remember and do during the BSA re-charter time for the new year. You can easily renew your dues for 2019 here!