Pack Committee Chairman Checklist


Computer Programs

  • Leaders take training here.
  • See a list of adults and youth (can print membership cards).
  • You can see training status of your pack leaders – Training Manager.
  • Approve new youth in the Application Manager.
  • COR approves new adults in the Application Manager.
  • Each person sets up their own accounts and adds their membership ID number.

  • List of Youth and Adults
  • Have pictures of youth and their parents/guardians
  • Payment Log
  • Advancement tracking and sync with Council's database
  • Printing Shopping Lists for purchasing advancement at the Scout Store
  • Tracking youth participation at activities, camping and events
  • View Adult Leaders Training completed
  • Calendaring
  • Communication
  • Subscription paid by the Pack.
  • Information about using Scoutbook is on the website as well as


Scoutbook lite

  • This will be replacing Internet Advancement for units who are not signed up for using Scoutbook.

  • Has a link for new youth and new adults to join your Pack. The  link is on your District's Cub Scout  Pack webpage.
  • Sign up for camp using access code for Pack assigned by the council.
  • Council and District Calendar.
  • Sign up for events (that are not summer camp) by clicking on the event on the calendar, such as the district pinewood derby, trainings, council events like the Whittier cruise or auction.
  • Popcorn sale information on the Council’s popcorn webpage; sign up, scholarships, link to popcorn system.
  • On the District’s page see progress/sign up for events like fall recruitment, Friends of Scouting and charter renewal.


Family Scouting

  • Pack who choose to have girl dens will need Den Leaders for those dens.
  • Registration for girls should be able to begin August 1, 2018.



When Advancement Forms/Reports are Needed

When Cub Scout earn Ranks (Bobcat, Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos and Arrow of Light) an Advancement Form is required in order to make a purchase. Advancement forms can be printed from Internet Advancement (until it is discontinued and replaced by Scoutbook Lite) or can be printed from Scoutbook for Packs who have linked their account with National.


When Advancement Forms/Reports are Not Needed

Adventure Loops and Pins, and other items, may be purchased without an Advancement Form; however, there are no returns or exchanges on Adventure Loops and/or Pins. Other items in good condition may be returned with a receipt.


 Packs Outside the Anchorage-MatSu Area

Packs who are not located in the Anchorage - Mat Su area may email their order, along with an Internet Advancement Form if needed, to the Scout Store Manager and the Scout Shop will mail your awards to you. Shipping charges will apply. Please call the Scout Shop to confirm they received your email and make arrangements for payment.


Scout Shop Accounts

Some Packs have chosen to deposit money in the Anchorage Scout Shop to be used to cover future store purchases or registration fees. Call the Scout Shop Manager if you have any questions.


Annual Check List


  • Camp or Summertime Pack Award activity



  • Camp or Summertime Pack Award activity



  • Select your Fall Recruitment Date
  • Summertime Pack Award activity
  • District Committee Meeting
  • Popcorn Kick Off
  • Order Popcorn
  • Roundtable, discussion about Fall Recruitment
  • First Day of School (Know when Kindergarten starts.)
  • Anchorage Events: Whitter Cruise and State Fair Parade
  • Turn in Summertime Pack Award application



  • Labor Day, no school
  • Popcorn Pick Up
  • Flyers sent home week prior to Join Event, you DE can help with this
  • School visits and talk with kids the day of the Join Event, you DE can help with this
  • Hold Join Event: Have new families join Scouting online. Explain that Pack Dues are due the end of October or after the popcorn sale/pfd.
  • Register new leaders; help them complete training (Super Saturday or online at
  • Review training for all leaders – Need 100% trained leaders for charter renewal.
  • Make sure new Scouts have an opportunity to do the popcorn Show and Sell
  • Invite new families to the camps for new Cub Scouts
  • District Committee Meeting, Roundtable and Pack Committee Meeting
  • Review Journey to Excellence Progress
  • Review Den Leader Training Award, Cub Scout Leader’s Training Award  and Cubmaster’s Key award



  • Pick up Charter Renewal Packet at District Committee Meeting, set your Friends of Scouting presentation date for February’s Blue and Gold.
  • Place second popcorn order, submit scholarships, submit list of Scouts who sold over $1,500
  • Collect dues from families (dues need to include next year’s registration fee and Boys Life)
  • Re-flyer your school and invite kids in the school to come to Pack Meeting
  • Roundtable and Pack Committee Meeting
  • Review Journey to Excellence Progress
  • Make a gift basket for the Council Auction (Unit gets 15% for what they sold)
  • Identify Scouts who are working on religious awards for Scout Sunday in February.



  • Turn in and pay for the Pack’s Charter Renewal
  • District Committee Meeting, Roundtable and Pack Committee Meeting
  • Review Journey to Excellence Progress – turn in with Charter
  • University of Scouting Training
  • Pick up popcorn, collect final payment from families, pay council for popcorn.
  • Families pay camp deposit ($25) to Pack.
  • Purchase Pinewood Derby Cars
  • Silver Beaver Nominations Due (Council Award)



  • Go to login in as the Pack and register for camp.
  • District Committee Meeting, Roundtable and Pack Committee meeting
  • Review Journey to Excellence progress
  • Give out Popcorn Prizes at Pack meeting
  • Review Scouts who will be crossing over to a Scout Troop



  • District Committee Meeting, Roundtable and Pack Committee Meeting
  • Popcorn Party for Scouts who sell over $1,500 in popcorn
  • Review 2019 Journey to Excellence Requirements



  • 50% of camp payment due.
  • Blue & Gold Pack meeting, plan on Friends of Scouting presentation.  Meet FOS goal in February to get maximum camp discount.
  • Scout Sunday, some religious awards are presented on Scout Sunday
  • Present charter certificate to your chartering organization
  • District Committee Meeting, Roundtable and Pack Committee Meeting
  • Council Recognition Banquet
  • District Award of Merit Nominations Due.
  • Nominations due for district level/specific awards. Will be different for each district.
  • Identify adults going to camp, make sure they are registered with BSA and are trained.



  • Order Camp T-Shirts
  • Campership Applications Due
  • Sign up for Scouting for Food
  • Super Saturday Training
  • Camp Parent Meeting
  • Pack Pinewood Derby
  • District Committee Meeting, Roundtable and Pack Committee Meeting
  • District Dinner
  • Review Scouts who will be crossing or have crossed over to a Scout Troop. Make sure they are registered with the Troop and their records have been moved in Scoutbook.



  • District Committee Meeting, Roundtable and Pack Committee
  • Scouting for Food
  • District Pinewood Derby
  • Pick your Pack Popcorn Kernel
  • Review requirements/plans for Summer Time Pack Award.
  • Review each Scouts progress towards their rank, help each Cub earn their rank.
  • Hold a camp meeting for parents.
  • Final Camp Payment Due.
  • Review Journey to Excellence Progress
  • Turn in Den Leader Training Award, Cub Scout Leader’s Training Award and Cubmaster’s Key award to Scout Office.
  • Gather camp medical forms.



  • Thanks all the adults who have helped with the Pack. Present Training s Awards and service stars.
  • Cross over all the Cub Scout into their new Dens.
  • Talk with the Scouts about expectations at camp.
  • District Committee Meeting, Roundtable and Pack Committee


Journey to Excellence Notes


  • Have a planning meeting with Den Leaders.
  • Plan your calendar, preferably by June 30.
  • Plan your pack budget and set your popcorn sales goal to pay for your pack program. (Families who don’t sell popcorn need to pay Pack dues.)
    • Pack Dues: Awards, Supplies, next year’s registration fees, Boys Life, pack outings/activities, next year’s handbook
    • Additional costs that may be covers with additional popcorn sales: Summer Camp, Uniforms, special events 
  • Have a plan/calendar and budget (preferably by July 30 – prior to popcorn kickoff).
  • Six Pack Committee Meetings.



  • Hold recruitment prior to last Saturday in September. Select a day for recruitment with your District executive at least by August. The plan is to pass out flyers the week before and then talk with the kids at school the day of the join event. The pack will need leaders to help with the join event and should plan on decorating and bringing snacks.
  • Grow Pack membership over last year, as recorded in Scoutnet. Numbers available on District Webpage. Goal is at least 5% growth.



  • Retain at least 60%, hopefully up to at least 75% of the Cub Scouts. Numbers available on the District Webpage. This is keeping kids in the program from year to year. The percentage reflects the total number of kids from last year that are still in the Pack this year.



  • The Second Year Webelos, now known as the Arrow of Light Den, will hopefully all join a Boy Scout Troop sometime in the coming year between February and May.
  • In October when you do the Pack’s charter renewal for the coming year you will continue to   register all of the Webelos. Their new Troop will transfer their registration.
  • In October the Den Leader will make arrangements for the Webelos to do at least two Joint Activities (This is where you go and do things with a Troop, not just visit their meeting and sit on the sidelines.) and complete the “ The Scouting Adventure”.  You get more Journey to Excellence points if at least 60% of the boys cross over/join a Troop.



  • At least 50% (75% is gold) of the Scouts earn one rank during the year. Cub Scout Ranks (Bobcat, Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light) need to be entered into the BSA system with using Scoutbook (by having a linked account) or Internet Advancement until Scoutbook lite starts.



  • Each the Pack should have five outdoor activities or field trips each den can participated in each year. If they are family friendly all the better.



  • Each Pack should attend the Council Summer Camp. Collect $25 deposits from interested families in November. $25 deposit and registration is made in December. 50% of the payment is due at the end of February. 100% of the fee is due at the end of April.





  • Two den meetings a month starting at the latest in October running to May.
  • At least eight Pack meetings a month.
  • Have a plan for the Summer Pack Award – One activity in June, July & August. Camp Counts.



  • In May select the leadership for the next school year.
  • Have a Cubmaster and an Assistant Cubmaster.
  • Every Den has a registered Den Leader by October 31.



  • Everyone needs to be trained by October 31.
  • New Leaders need Youth Protection Training, Position Specific Training and Hazzard Weather Training.
  • All training can be done online at
  • Leader Specific Training can be done in person as part of a class. Check the council calendar at