Team Event Planning

This procedure is to be used at all council and district events and activities for which fees are collected or monies are expended.

1. All events for the coming year are calendared by the Council Coordinated Meeting in February and then event budgets are completed by October; so that they can be incorporated as part of the Council’s Total Budget.

2. Each event and activity will have a properly completed ‘Great Alaska Council Event and Activity Budget Form’ prior to and request for an expenditure or service. The form is to be signed by the Key 3 and Scout Executive or Assistant Scout Executive for approval. It is recommended this is done in October of the year prior to the event as part of the budgeting process.

3. It is expected that each Scouting activity should financially pay its own way.  Minimum attendance projections should be used in the budgeting income and maximum attendance figures should be used for budgeting expenses.  All activities and events are required to have a 15% contingency fee to cover unexpected and indirect costs. Each activity is required to have an additional cost of 5% to cover fees related to internet registrations.

4. Field receipts must be used for cash and checks accepted outside the office. The original copy of the receipt (White) is given to the payer. They yellow copy of the field receipt accompanies the payment and is to be turned into the Scout Office the following business day.

5. Cash income is not to be used to pay miscellaneous expenses. Our auditor requires that income and expense funds be kept separate.

6. All expenses should be billed directly to the Great Alaska Council Office. Each expense to be billed requires a purchase order. District Executives request purchase orders from the Assistant Scout Executive when they have an approved budget and written estimate for items needed.

7. When a volunteer is going to spend money out of pocket for an event their District Executive will request a purchase order from the Assistant Scout Executive at least 3 weeks prior to the event/purchase.  After the event the volunteer will turn in their receipt and their purchase order to their District Executive. The District Executive will fill out a check request and turn in the check request, purchase order, receipts and actual budget to the Assistant Scout Executive. The council will only reimburse the volunteer up to the amount listed on the purchase order.

8. When appropriate funds have been collected the Council may issue a petty cash check to volunteers to purchase budgeted items in advance.  District Executives take the check request, approved budget and written estimate to the Assistant Scout Executive for approval. Receipts and unspent cash are to be turned in to the District Executive at the event. The District Executive will write a receipt for the cash and receipts; the District Executive will then turn in the petty cash, receipts and field receipts to the office.

9. Upon completion of the activity, a total accounting of all income and expenditures is required by completing the ‘Actual’ column of the ‘Great Alaska Council Event and Budget Form’ and to be turned in to the Assistant Scout Executive within four weeks after the event.

10. At monthly staff meeting the Council Accountant will provide copies of all District Event Financial Reports to the District Executives for review and reconciliation.

11.As part of the close out of an event or activity, this year’s volunteer chair and District Executive will draft next year’s budget.


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