Alaska Ultimate High Adventure

Alaska Ultimate High Adventure is your portal for camping and exploring the great state of Alaska! We provide all the food, cooking equipment, and transportation including pickup and drop off at the airport (airfare not included). We will secure all specialized gear such as rafts and kayaks for your group and have our staff with you at all times.

About Us

Some things to know...

  • We do not post pricing on the website because 99% of our groups customize their trip based upon what they desire to accomplish while in Alaska. On average, treks will spend $1000-1500 per person. Some have spent over $3000 per person (17-day).  Most treks start on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Most groups arrive late at night due to cheaper air fare
  • Trek sizing is groups of 12 ("Backcountry" group) or 14 ("Van Tour" group).
    • "Van Tour" groups typically do a potpourri of activities and move around every 1-3 days to different venues, camping at established or third-party managed campgrounds (think car-camping with adv
    • "Backcountry" groups typically spend their time off the beaten path doing multi-day sea kayaking, backpacking, or rafting trips while camping at locations only accessible by boating or hiking. 
  • As you plan your trip to Alaska, you can bring multiple groups that will be broken into smaller trek groups to meet our maximums.  

**All Trek Pricing is based upon a full trek group, it is to your advantage to fill up the trek group**



  1. Must be a registered BSA member
  2. Must be at least 13 years old by May 1 of the year he or she will participate
  3. Must have a completed BSA medical form (Parts A, B, and C)
  4. Must fill out and sign the Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk Contract


  1. Must provide a signed copy of the Memorandum of Understanding found in the welcome packet
  2. If participating in a trek with kayaking or rafting included, must provide a copy of the Swim Classification Form that includes all participants. This form is found in the welcome packet
  3. The crew must consist of at least 51% youth

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File Name Description
Acknowledgement & Assumption of Risk Form Download
Backpacking Equipment/Packing List Download
BSA Medical Form 2020 Download