Purchase Cub Scout Advancement

As Cub Scouts "Do Their Best" to complete adventures in their handbook they earn Adventure Loops and Pins as they work towards Rank Advacements. These activities can be done at Den Meeting, Pack Activities and at home with a parent or gurdian and signed off in their book. Webelos can also work on advancements with their family but will need to have their accomplishments signed off by the Webelos Den Leader.

All Cub Scout advancement items are purchased from the Great Alaska Council Scout Shop in Anchorage, Alaska. 


When Advancement Reports are Needed

When Cub Scouts earn Ranks (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos and Arrow of Light) an Advancement Report is required in order to make a purchase. 

Advancement Reports are made by using Scoutbook or Internet Advancement 2.0 programs. Each Pack should have one person identified to enter the advancement online. 


When Advancement Reports are Not Needed

Adventure Loops and Pins, and other items, may be purchased without an Advancement Report; however, there are no returns or exchanges on Adventure Loops and/or Pins. Other items in good condition may be returned with a receipt.


Packs Outside the Anchorage-MatSu Area

Packs who are not located in the Anchorage - Mat Su area may email their order, along with an Internet Advancement Report if needed, to the Scout Store Manager and the Scout Shop will mail your awards to you. Shipping charges will apply. Please call the Scout Shop to confirm they recieved your email and make arrangements for payment. 


Scout Shop Accounts

Some Packs have chosen to deposit money in the Anchorage Scout Shop to be used to cover future store purchases or registration fees. Call the Scout Shop Manager if you have any questions.



There are programs to keep track of a Scouts advancement and share informtation with parents. The recommended one is ScoutBook at Scoutbook.com. This program is FREE to all Scouts and Scouting Units.  Scoutbook will link to the Council/National database.