OA Ceremonies

The ceremonies in the Order of the Arrow play an important and meaningful part in bringing new members up to speed on our order, giving Brotherhood candidates greater insight into our purpose and honoring those chosen for the Vigil Honor. There are no secrets in scouting however our ceremonies are "Safeguarded" so that each member who participates in one will experience it for themselves for the first time each time.

File Name Description
1. Arrow of Light Ceremony For Arrow of Light Presentations at Blue & Gold Banquets Download
2. Cub Scout Crossover Ceremony For Webelos to Troop Crossovers Download
3. Four Winds Ceremony For Eagle Scout Court of Honors Download
4. Call Out Ceremony Ceremony conducted when calling out newly elected candidates. Download
5. Ordeal Honor Ceremony Download
6. Brotherhood Honor Ceremony Download
7. Vigil Honor Ceremony Download