Popcorn Sale

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Each year the Great Alaska Council hosts and strongly supports our council's popcorn sale as a way for Packs and Troops to fund their year of Scouting! Like all worthwhile endevors Scouting has costs; membership fees, uniforms, camp, events, awards, dues and activities. All of these can be paid for by participating in the popcorn sale. 

Most Scouts who spend 20 hours activity selling will sell over $1,500 worth of popcorn product and earn at least $500 that will cover all of these costs. In addition for the opportunity for Scouts to earn their own way they also earn fantasic prizes along the way.

When Scouts are in the community selling, they are not selling popcorn, they are asking the community to support them and Scouting! Alaska loves Scouting and Alaska supports our Scouts in this efforts. Scouts in Alaska sell around one million in popcorn each year. From that one third goes back to the Scouts directly, that is over $350,000 back to units. Trails End also matches back to the Great Alaska Council what the Scouts sell, so thier support to Scouting in doubled. The Great Alaska Council uses those funds to support the sale through shipping, training, prizes and mentoring our amazing Scouting volunteer leaders. 

We hope every Scout in Alaska  will have an amazing year in Scouting. We hope that every Pack and Troop in Alaksa will participate in the annual popcorn sales so theiy will have the resources to make an amazing year in Scouting possible.


The 3 links below are the popcorn prize links for the bonus prizes. 

$3500 Prize Club

Military Patch Order 

Top 100 Party 




File Name Description
2018 Knife Download
2018 Swap Form Download
Carrs Letter Download
Digital Take Order Download
Extra Order Form Download
How to place order Download
Leaders Guide Download
Military Donation Receipts Download
One Page Popcorn Product Download
Trail’s End Popcorn Sales System Manual Download