Popcorn Sale

Program Powered by Popcorn

The 2019 Popcorn Sale is upon us! Power your Scouting program year with Popcorn!

Steps to Success

Step 1: Select a Unit Popcorn Kernel, register at www.trails-end.com 

Step 2: Unit Popcorn Kernels set up your sale and send invitations to each Scout family on your Trails End portal online. 

Step 3: Have each family download the Trails End App

Step 4: Earn 1% towards your commission by attending a Popcorn Kickoff near you! 

2019 Product Line Up

Chocolate Lovers Tin $60
Cheese Lovers $35
Chocolately Caramel Crunch $25
Premium Caramel Corn with Nuts $20
Salted Caramel Corn $25
Unbelievable Butter Microwave $20
Popping Corn $15
White Cheddar Cheese Corn $20
Classic Caramel Corn $10
Military Donation $30 OR $50  


Bonus Prizes 

  • Sell $2,500 - earn a 50% Campership towards in Council summer camp fees (expires December 2020)
  • Sell $3.700 - earn a 100% Campership towards in Council summer camp fees (expires December 2020)
  • Top 100 Party - the Top 100 Popcorn Sellers in the Council with over $1,500 in sales are invited to our party held at Dave & Busters in Anchorage. Those off the road system who qualify will receive a $20 Amazon gift card. 
  • $250 in Military Donations Silver Patch
  • $500 in Military Donations Gold Patch

Denali District Show and Sell

File Name Description
2019 Carrs Permission Letter.doc Download
Popcorn Take Order Sheet.pdf Download
Trail’s-End-Digital-Take-Order-App-Scout-Instructions.pdf Download
Trails End App Set Up Unit Kernel.pdf Download
Unit Commission Benchmarks 2019.pdf Download
Unit Kernel Guidebook 2019.pdf Download