Popcorn Sale

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What's Important Now for Unit Popcorn Kernels

Updated September 18, 2017

1) Turn in your Swap Forms by Clicking Here Swap forms are available in the forms section below.

2) Click Here to see what is available for trade, list items that you have too much of that you want to pass on to another unit.

3) Remember to do Online Sales, we have sold over $15,000 worth of popcorn online so far!

4) Keep the energy up with your sale! Have prizes and incentives to keep your Scout selling each week to make their goal!


Sales Tips for Scouts

Watch this video!

Set a goal! 

Click here to sell online.

Do Door to Door Sales! 


Look at the forms below for AJ's selling tips. AJ sells over $20,000 each year here in Alaska. He spends time every day working on achieveing his popcorn sales goal, to earn the funds for his Scouting adventures!!

Helps for Parents and Leaders



Important Dates

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Now - Sign up for the popcorn Sale

August 1 - Popcorn Kick Off in Kenai

August 2 - Popcorn Kick Off Online for units ‘Off the Road System’

August 4 - Popcorn Kick Off in Wasilla

August 5 - Popcorn Kick Off in Anchorage

August 7 - Popcorn Kick Off in Ketchikan

August 8 - Popcorn Kick Off in Juneau

August 20 - 1st Popcorn Order Due (Show N Sell Order)

September - Hold your Pack or Troop Popcorn Kick Off

September 8 & 9 - Popcorn Distribution

October 14 - Anchorage Popcorn Return

October 15 - 2nd Order Due (Take Order) and Prize Order Due

November 10 - Popcorn Distribution - Change Friday Pick Up only in Anchorage

December 1 - Penalty for late payment

File Name Description
Store Front Etiquette from Bear Paw District Download
Carrs and Safeway 2017 Approval Letters Take copy with you to store front sales. Download
Fred Meyer Store Permission Letter 2017.pdf Take a copy with you, when you do store sales Download
Great Alaska Council Prizes 2017 Download
How the Popcorn Sale Helps Scouting.pdf Download
Leaders Guide, 2017 Popcorn Sale For all Parents and Scouting Leaders Download
Pack and Troop Sales Goals for 2017.pdf Download
Popcorn Order Form 8.5 by 11 inches.pdf Order Form Download
Popcorn Product 8.5 by 11 inches.pdf Download
Popcorn Product on 11 by 17 inches.pdf Download
Popcorn Sign Up August 2.pdf Verify your Pack or Troop is signend up for the sale. Download
Prize Fact Sheet Flyer 2017.pdf Goes along with the Great Alaska Council Prizes, look at both. Download
Swap Form 2017.pdf Good for tracking product between families as well as between units. Download
Position Name Telephone
Assistant Scout Executive John Lubbers (907) 887-6388 Email
District Executive Brad Lewis (717) 405-2336 Email
Popcorn Chairman, Bear Paw Joey Pavia-Jones (907) 982-7252 Email
Popcorn Chairman, Denali Amanda True (907) 884-4117 Email
Popcorn Chairman, Eklutna Alan Szewczyk (907) 244-9060 Email
Popcorn Chairman, Maritime Carl Greene (508) 317-8736 Email
Popcorn Chairman, Totem Bob Wickman (907) 617-6799 Email