Popcorn Sale

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Thank you for your participation in the Great Alaska Council’s 2017 Popcorn Sale! The Popcorn Sale helps fund unit program and the Council's ability to support our amazing volunteer leaders!

Important Dates

Now - Sign up for the popcorn Sale

July - Pack and Troop Popcorn Orientation done by appointment with the District Popcorn Kernel. Kernels are meeting with our Pack and Troop leaders to discuss the 2017 sale.

August 2 - Popcorn Kick Off online for units off of the Road System

August 3 - Popcorn KIck Off in Kenai

August 4 - Popcorn Kick Off  in Wasilla

August 5 - Popcorn KIck Off in Anchorage

August 7 - Popcorn Kick Off in Ketchikan

August 8 - Popcorn KIck Off in Juneau

August 20 - 1st Popcorn Order Due (Show N Sell Order)

September 8 & 9 - Popcorn Distribution

October 15 - 2nd Order Due (Take Order) and Prize Order Due

November 10 &11 - Popcorn Distribution

December 1 - Pnealty for late payment


Helpful Links:

Trails End Popcorn System

Schloarship Form Submission - Please scan scholarship form and sells form prior to submission.

Scholarship Payout and More Information


Helpful Forms and Contacts:

File Name Description
How the Popcorn Sale Helps Scouting.pdf Download
Packs and Crews signed up for June 19 2017 pdf Download
Position Name Telephone
Assistant Scout Executive John Lubbers (907) 887-6388 Email
District Executive Brad Lewis (717) 405-2336 Email
Popcorn Chairman, Bear Paw Joey Pavia-Jones (907) 982-7252 Email
Popcorn Chairman, Denali Amanda True (907) 884-4117 Email
Popcorn Chairman, Eklutna Alan Szewczyk (907) 244-9060 Email
Popcorn Chairman, Maritime Carl Greene (508) 317-8736 Email
Popcorn Chairman, Totem Bob Wickman (907) 617-6799 Email