Popcorn Sale

Thank you for your participation in the Great Alaska Council’s 2016 Popcorn Sale! Each year the sale achieves three main objectives for our organization:

First, the sale raises over $300,000 for our units within our council, equating to an average of about $3,000 per unit who participates in the sale.

Secondly, the money made by your unit is matched back to the council by Trail’s End. That means another $300,000 comes back to units in goods and services provided by the Great Alaska Council.

Third, the sale gives us the opportunity to instill a strong work ethic in our youth, encouraging Scouts to earn their way to activities and events.

Thanks to the fact that over two thirds of the sale comes back to Scouting, our annual popcorn sale is a huge resource for our local Scouting program. By participating in the sale you not only guarantee your unit a good revenue stream  but also guarantee that prices for programs stay low, camperships continue to be available for Scouts, improvements keep being made to camp and that services and training are available for your leaders. On behalf of all our members, thank you for your leadership and involvement to this important  program.


Helpful Hints for January 2017:

  • Popcorn Party is at 10:00 am to Noon at Camp Gorsuch!
  • Must be on the list to attend.
  • Must be in attendance to get prizes.
  • Scouts off the Anchorage Road System, on Kenai Penninsula, or in Valdez will have a $20 Amazon Gift Card mailed to them.


Helpful Links:

Trails End Popcorn System

Schloarship Form Submission - Please scan scholarship form and sells form prior to submission.

Scholarship Payout and More Information

List of Scholarship Submissions for 2016

Current Top 100 Sellers Standings  - Based on Scouts who have been submitted. Registration for this event is CLOSED. Must be in attendance to receive the bonus prize.


Helpful Forms and Contacts:

File Name Description
2016 Leaders Guide pdf.pdf Download
2016-Popcorn-Order-Form.pdf Download
Great Alaska Council 2016 Popcorn Prizes.pdf Download
Order-Form-and-Product-Sheet-2016.pdf Download
Prize Fact Sheet Flyer.pdf Download
TrailsEndCollegeScholarshipEnrollmentForm2016.pdf Download
Position Name Telephone
Assistant Scout Executive John Lubbers (907) 887-6388 Email
Council Popcorn Chairman Bob Barton (907) 727-8220 Email
District Executive Brad Lewis (717) 405-2336 Email
Popcorn Chairman, Bear Paw Joey Pavia-Jones (907) 982-7252 Email
Popcorn Chairman, Denali Amanda True (907) 884-4117 Email
Popcorn Chairman, Eklutna Alan Szewczyk (907) 244-9060 Email
Popcorn Chairman, Totem Dan Buker (907) 254-1426 Email
Popcorn Kernel, Maritime Rebecca Notmeyer (907) 957-0464 Email