Some of the features of Scoutbook

  • List of Youth and Adults
  • Advancement tracking and sync with Council's database
  • Printing Shopping Lists for purchasing advancement at the Scout Store
  • Tracking youth participation at activities, camping and events
  • View Adult Leaders Training completed
  • Calendaring
  • Communication


Scoutbook does not have a comprehensive user manual. One location for resources can be found at bit.lyscoutbook. You can also call or email the Scout Office and we will refer you to someone who can coach you with Scoutbook.


Click here for a 30 Minute Orientation To Scoutbook from a volunteer in the Grand Canyon Council.

Scoutbook Lite Coming in 2018

The BSA announced it will release Scoutbook Lite, a new tool for quickly inputting advancement data, in the second quarter of 2018.

This free solution will replace the current Internet Advancement platform, which will be retired.

Scoutbook Lite will feature a slick new user interface. It will be optimized to whatever device you use: desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Once Scoutbook Lite is released, the Scoutbook database will become the official record of advancement for the BSA.

Scoutbook Lite, as you might guess, comes from the team behind Scoutbook, the BSA’s advancement-tracking web app that has more than 1 million users. The Lite version of Scoutbook will incorporate key elements of the paid version.

Even after Scoutbook Lite is released, the Scoutbook team will continue to work on and improve Scoutbook as the full-featured application. That means you can expect frequent exciting updates.


Scoutbook Lite: What to expect

Scoutbook Lite will offer optimized functions for almost everything found in the current Internet Advancement platform.

I say almost, because one feature won’t be making the leap to Scoutbook Lite. The system will no longer support the CSV data file import.

The BSA found that less than 10 percent of units used this feature in Internet Advancement. The team focused instead on tools that more Scouters need and want.