Youth Protection Training (Adults)

Youth Protection Training is Required Every Two Years

All registered adult leaders must complete the updated Youth Protection Training by October 1, 2018.

Youth Protection training is required every two years. This protects children, adult leaders, and the organization by maintaining high vigilance on the important subject and methods of youth protection.

New Leaders need to complete youth protection training and turn in their Youth Protection Training Certfificate with the Adult Application to the Service Center to be registered.

Unit Leaders:   Unit renewals are effective January 1st each year. In preparation for renewal or registering as a new adult, adult unit leaders need to demonstrate completion of age-appropriate youth protection training:

                Youth Protection Training for Pack, Troop, Exploring, and STEM Scout leaders

Taking the Training is the best place to take the Youth Protection Training Course. Log in and click on the Youth Protection Image on the top right.

If you have not done so already you will need to login as a new user and create an ID. Once you have taken the training print out the certificate. If you have problems with your user ID you can call the National Help Desk at (855) 707-2644.